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Earn money each time a student purchases your course. Get paid weekly directly into your account through Paystack.

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Sharing your knowledge and add value to  students thereby helping them master new skills and advancing their careers.

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The more you share knowledge, the more you grow your community, thereby enriching lives of people through learning.

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The very first step to get things is to APPLY to become an instructor on Courspedia.We usually review submitted application with 48 hrs.

Our team will step-up an account for you as soon as your application is approved.

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Start with your knowledge and passion. Then choose a topic and plan your lecturers in your preferrable document notebook (E.g Mocrosoft Word, Google Docs e.t.c).

Plan and teach the course the way you envisioned. You can even create a video if need be.

Set Curriculum

Setting a curriculum to guide your topic will be very important. You can break the curriculum down into sections, units or as the case may be.

You can even integrate into your lecture video recording so as to guide your students the best way you can.

Submit for Review

After creating all necessary parts of your course such as (Curriculum, Assessment and Pricing), it is time to submit your course for a review.

Our Instructor Support Team will review submitted courses within 48 hours. Your course goes live for publishing as soon as it meets required standard. If not, we will ask you to make necessary adjustments.

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We have on standby our Instructor Support Team 24/7 to help you through course creation needs. For further support, send an email to

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+234 8119982823.

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