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Verified Certificate

Reward your Learning achievement with a Certificate.

Complete a Course and

Get Certified

To qualify for a Verified Certificate, you must have fully completed a course.


You must mark each lesson as complete, attempt all assessments and obtain the passing grade of 60% for a specific course you’ve started and want to get certified in.

Certificate of Completion

Your certificate is the official recognition for your learning achievements on Coursepedia.


Your Certificate shows your name, the course completed, the logo of the organisation offering it, alongside any professional associations endorsing it, and the lead educator’s signature.

Certificate demo
Benefits of Earning Certificate of Completion

We’ve highlighted some of the benefits
you can get when you earn a Certificate.

Inclusion in CV

Ideal to include with CVs, job applications and portfolios.

Result Oriented

It shows everyone your ability to learn and achieve high results.

Differentiates You

It differentiates you against competition.

Continuous Learner

It establishes you as a continuous learner.

Employers Preference

Employers are always looking for people who never want to stop learning.

Rounds You Out

While it is said that experience is the greatest teacher, a certification “rounds you out.”

Get upskilled with our in-demand skills, and land your dream job seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of certificate will i receive after course completion?

You will receive  a Digital Certificate which will be in PDF format.

The certificate comes with authorization from Coursepedia which is a valid proof that you studied on our platform. It also has Certificate Code which can be used to verify the originality of your learning achievements on Coursepedia.

With our Verified Certificate, you can showcase your achievements on Coursepedia to your employers, friends and family members.

Do i need to purchase a certificate after completing a paid course?

No. If you completed a paid course, your certificate is totally FREE as you do not need to make any additional payment. All certificates can be downloaded via this link

How do i obtain my Verified Certificate after making payment for same?

Coursepedia Certificate is in Digital Format (PDF) and it’s downloadable after course completion by visiting your course page or the certificate page.

If you have any queries or require assistance, please email and it will be a delight to be of help.

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