Using Coursepedia to Learn

Getting started

How to get your limitless Learning started on Coursepedia…

Pick a course

Browse our courses to find a topic or subject that you will like to learn about. We have courses in a diverse range of subjects and are always adding more. Courses vary in length. Though you can learn at your pace, however, most of our courses can be completed within 8-15 hours..

Start Learning

You can choose how and what you want to learn. Here are the differences between learning for Free and Featured Courses:

Learn for free

We have a variety of courses available for free. You can choose to pick any of them, enroll and get your learning started in no time. If you will like to get a course certificate after course completion, you will be required to pay a token depending on the course you completed. Click here to learn more about certification.

Featured Courses

Featured courses are paid for before starting the course(s).
Both Short and Diploma Courses are offered as featured course(s). Featured courses are usually denoted with a tag “Featured”, which makes it different from other courses.
You are entitled to a Free Verified Certificate after course completion.

Setup your Profile Page

Setting up your profile page is simple and easy. You can follow this link and watch this short video to set this up within a short period.

Start the course

Once the course begins, an icon will appear at the top left corner of your screen to know the course section you are currently taking.

Videos, slides and articles

You can learn by watching videos, listening to audio and reading articles. Many of these steps are followed by short quizzes to help you check that you have understood.

Mark as complete

There is a switch at the end of each step that allows you to mark it as complete. This updates your ‘To do’ list, but leaving the switch off does not prevent you from moving on to the next step. If you’re not sure that you properly understood something, you can leave it and come back to it later.


At every stage of learning, there will be a quiz, which affords you the opportunity to pause and check how well you’ve understood the key points from the previous video or article before moving on to another section. The quizzes are graded in percentage which will be displayed after quiz submission. If you fail a quiz or want to improve your score, you have the opportunity to retake such a quiz.

Choose the next course

Education is contagious: we are so confident that you’ll enjoy your learning experience on Coursepedia, which will spur you to sign up for another course before the first is even finished!

Getting a Certificate

Over 90% of courses on Coursepedia are available for free. However, you can choose to reward your learning with a certificate after course completion. You only need to pay a token for the certificate of the course you completed to be delivered digitally. Learn more.

Authenticate Certificate

There are times when specific individuals or your employees will need to verify your learning achievement on Coursepedia. This is quite easy with the use of a unique certificate code which can be used to verify that you took a specific course and completed same on on Coursepedia. Learn more.

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