Steps to get started with your Limitless Learning on Coursepedia.

Step by step guide

Step 1

Find the right Course

Coursepedia publishes new courses weekly. Check out our “Courses” page to help you understand the type of learning you want to pursue, or browse our course categories to see where your interests lie. We offer Short courses and Diploma courses. We also in partnership with the biggest players in the online education industry to bring you featured courses at a token. Our Free and Premium courses are available to everyone. If your are taking a free course, you can choose to purchase a Verified Certificate to celebrate your achievement after course completion.

Step 2

Register your free Account

You can create your Coursepedia account by visiting Register. Registering an account is completely free and gives you unlimited access to the Coursepedia website. Once you’ve registered your account and update your profile and make it public. Your Coursepedia profile let you boast about your skills, experience, and Coursepedia Certification to anyone you need to share it with, including prospective employers, friends and family. You can also apply as an Instructor via the same link Register.

Step 3

Get Enrolled

Once you have found the course you want to study, all you have to do is click on the “Enroll Course” or Start “Course” button to enroll and get your learning started. Quite a number of Coursepedia courses are both self-paced, so you can study whenever you want, wherever you want. This means you can start a course and end same at your own pace. You can also manage your time, track your learning and see your knowledge grow with our Learner’s Dashboard.

Step 4

Become a Graduate

Technology-aided learning is well-established as a way of learning new things within and outside your field. It presents a new alternative, as well as a new means of solving problems. With increasing popularity, e-learning platforms such as Coursepedia are indeed very effective in these times where knowledge is expanding at an unprecedented rate. Learners take online courses to expand their knowledge in either in areas within their field or outside of it. Online education makes learning go round. No barriers, no limitations.

Step 5

Acquire your Certification

Once you have completed your course, you are qualified for course certificate. If you completed any of our Free Courses, you can choose to order for your Verified Certificate (depending on the type of course you’ve completed). Your Coursepedia Certificate is a proof of your participation in the certified course. We offer Verified Digital Certificates for both Short and Diploma Courses. Your Coursepedia Certification can be included in your CV/Resume to share with potential employers, or just to share your achievement with the world!

Step 6

Stay Empowered

Online education plays a significant role in the empowerment of people of all age bracket. Online education can open up better economic opportunities for learners, improve the quality of their lives, and empower them to make the world a better place for others in their sphere of influence. Online learning platform such as Coursepedia can help learners transcend the limitations of their geographic locations, conquer their financial difficulties, overcome time constraints, solve their problems and better their lives in every imaginable way.

Limitless learning

Build an in-demand career path with Coursepedia. Take high-quality courses from world top experts that will help you jumpstart or build-on your amazing career.

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