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What attracts so many people to study online with Coursepedia?

With so many people, from so many different needs, backgrounds and cultures, individuals have varying reasons for studying with us online. However, there are many core learning feedbacks we gathered from learners in the past. Some of the reasons are shared below.

Core Learning Feedbacks

Competitive Edge

Considering the level of competition in the world market, whether a blue-collar or white-collar, it is important to be knowledgeable on what must be acquired in order to get ahead. There is a need to have something competitive that the next individual do not have. Perhaps there are three people in the marketing department, but only one knows how to build a website after taking a free course on Coursepedia, or you are seeking a promotion in your company, but you alone have a Diploma in Business Management. With so many courses to choose from, having knowledge and competence in various fields gives you an edge in the workplace.

Individual Competence

Improvement of workplace skills is the major reason people study on Coursepedia. These are learners that are already in a job or seeking a promotion, who find the self-paced learning provided by Coursepedia ideal to stay competitive in their place of work. Whether it is refreshing the knowledge of business communication skills, sharpening their skills in stress management, building their assertiveness, entrepreneurs and employees know the relevance of ensuring their skills are kept up to date.

In-depth Learning

Learning on Coursepedia also gave confidence to entrepreneurs who reported much more confidence in seeking to start their businesses once they had completed entrepreneurship and business courses. 90% of Coursepedia graduates said in this same survey that learning on Coursepedia “encouraged them to learn further”. Importantly, we would like to point out that learners were not only encouraged to complete more courses, but many reported that as a result of learning on Coursepedia, they felt encouraged to learn more, to widen their scope.

Learning Confidence

Self-confidence is vital to the success of your online training program. Employees who complete eLearning courses and tasks successfully tend to believe in themselves. On the other hand, employees who fail in online training develop a sense of insecurity. This is why learners take online courses to expand their knowledge in either in areas within their field or outside it. Online education makes learning go round. No barriers, no limitations.

Effective Self-paced Learning

What do you prefer: learning at your own pace or a pace that someone sets for you? We guess your choice wasn’t difficult. That’s why Coursepedia focuses on self-paced online learning that is targeted at improving memory performance, particularly when the learner allocates more time to the more difficult material. We believe everybody learns differently. With self-pacing, each individual can make the best use of his or her time, in order to meet his or her learning objectives.

Community Influence

The task of learning on Coursepedia is most often done on an individual basis, but the feedback we receive from learners also tells us that the incentive to learn and achieve with Coursepedia is also driven by commitments our learners make to their families and communities better. By learning online, a member of a family or community gives a clear example to others on where their priorities lie. A more productive and capable learner is not only more impactful in the workplace, but also influence their communities and families positively via learning.

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