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Study Mode: Online
Enrolled: 6143 students
Course view: 29284
Duration: Self-Paced Learning
Lectures: 8
Course type: Short Courses
Certificate of Completion: FREE
Exploring Business Ideas

Successful entrepreneurs use their imagination every day to make new decisions to make the world a better place. The business climate is constantly changing, so staying put is really falling behind. If you want your business to keep growing, you must consistently seek new opportunities.

If you have an idea for a startup, it requires a great deal of ambition and hard work to execute it. Coming up with a concept is the easy part, relatively speaking. The hard part is assessing the economic landscape before you and determining whether the time and place are right for your potential business. This involves a careful analysis of market trends and consumer needs; or from serendipity.

Before you can even begin the long process of funding, branding and marketing your business, you need to do your homework to build a foundation.

At the end of this study, learners should be able to:

  • Explore business ideas
  • Know what makes a business idea.
  • Have a knowledge of the reasons to be able to explain an idea
  • Understand the Strategic approaches towards making great business ideas
  • Know How to Come Up With a Business Idea
  • Understand the Tasks in Developing Business Ideas
  • Know the techniques for Generating Ideas

Course Curriculum


1      Definition of business ideas                                                                                                Self-paced
2      What makes a business idea?                                                                                             Self-paced
3      Reasons to be able to explain an idea                                                                               Self-paced
4      Strategic approaches towards making great business ideas                                        Self-paced
5      Quiz                                                                                                                                          6 questions


1      How to Come Up With a Business Idea                                                                            Self-paced
2      Tasks in Developing Business Ideas                                                                                 Self-paced
3      Techniques for Generating Ideas                                                                                      Self-paced
4      Conclusion                                                                                                                             Self-paced
5      Quiz                                                                                                                                         5 questions


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