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Digital Marketing Basics

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Study Mode: Online / Offline
Enrolled: 962 students
Course view: 2315
Duration: Self-Paced Learning
Lectures: 10
Course Materials: Downloadable Videos
Video: 2 Hour 52 Minutes
Course type: All Levels
Certificate of Completion: FREE
Digital Marketing Basics

Course Overview

“Digital Marketing Basics” is a fundamental course designed to introduce learners to the core concepts and strategies in the field of digital marketing. This course covers a range of essential topics, including Facebook Ads, content marketing, information marketing, Facebook Ads for WhatsApp, and e-commerce. Through a series of engaging video lectures and tutorials, participants will gain a strong foundation in digital marketing, enabling them to understand key principles and kickstart their journey in the digital marketing landscape.


Who Needs This Course

This course is ideal for individuals who are new to digital marketing or looking to refresh their knowledge in the field. It’s particularly beneficial for:

Beginners: Individuals who want to explore the basics of digital marketing and its various facets.

Small Business Owners: Entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking to promote their products or services online effectively.

Marketing Enthusiasts: Marketing enthusiasts who want to gain insights into the digital marketing landscape.

Content Creators: Bloggers, writers, YouTubers, and social media influencers interested in understanding digital marketing principles.

Aspiring Marketers: Students or professionals considering a career in digital marketing and seeking foundational knowledge.


Benefits for Learners

Enrolling in the “Digital Marketing Basics” course offers several advantages for learners:

Foundational Knowledge: Gain a solid understanding of digital marketing fundamentals.

Diverse Content: Explore key areas of digital marketing, from Facebook Ads to content marketing and e-commerce.

Practical Skills: Learn how to use tools like OBS, Screen Cast Omatic, and Canva for marketing purposes.

Marketing Insights: Discover the importance of Internet marketing and information marketing in the digital era.

Conversion Strategies: Understand how Facebook Ads targeting WhatsApp can be leveraged for conversions.

E-commerce Understanding: Grasp the basics of e-commerce and its role in the digital marketing landscape.

Versatility: Acquire knowledge that can be applied across various industries and sectors.

Cost-Efficient Learning: Access essential digital marketing insights without extensive financial investment.

Personal and Professional Growth: Enhance your skill set and potentially boost career opportunities.

Prerequisite for Advanced Courses: Serve as a stepping stone for those interested in pursuing more advanced digital marketing courses.

Entrepreneurial Edge: Gain marketing skills to promote your own business or startup.

Stay Updated: Start your journey in the dynamic field of digital marketing and stay informed about industry trends.


In conclusion, the “Digital Marketing Basics” course offers a comprehensive introduction to digital marketing concepts and tools. Whether you’re a complete beginner, a small business owner, or someone interested in the marketing field, this course equips you with the foundational knowledge and practical skills to navigate the digital marketing landscape effectively.

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Digital Marketing Basics
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