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Building Web GIS Apps With C#, ASP.NET CORE MVC And Leaflet

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Study Mode: Online / Offline
Enrolled: 873 students
Course view: 2654
Duration: Self-Paced Learning
Lectures: 29
Course Materials: Downloadable Videos
Video: 2 Hour 4 Minutes
Course type: All Levels
Certificate of Completion: FREE
Building Web GIS Apps With C#, ASP.NET CORE MVC And Leaflet

Course Overview

“Building Web GIS Apps With C# ASP.NET CORE MVC And Leaflet” is a comprehensive course designed to equip learners with the knowledge and practical skills required to develop interactive web Geographic Information System (GIS) applications using cutting-edge technologies. This course seamlessly integrates C#, ASP.NET Core MVC, and the Leaflet JavaScript library to create a powerful web GIS application.


Who Needs This Course

This course is valuable for a wide range of professionals, including:

Web Developers: Web developers looking to expand their skill set to include GIS application development.

GIS Professionals: GIS analysts and specialists interested in building web-based GIS applications to visualize and share spatial data.

Software Engineers: Software engineers seeking expertise in C# ASP.NET Core MVC for GIS application development.

Students: Computer science and geography students looking to gain practical experience in GIS web application development.

GIS Enthusiasts: Individuals passionate about geographic information systems who want to create custom web GIS apps.


Benefits for Learners

Enrolling in the “Building Web GIS Apps With C# ASP.NET CORE MVC And Leaflet” course offers numerous benefits for learners:

GIS Web App Development: Master the art of developing web-based GIS applications from scratch.

Cutting-Edge Technologies: Gain proficiency in using C#, ASP.NET Core MVC, and Leaflet, all of which are highly relevant in the world of web development and GIS.

Spatial Database Setup: Learn how to install and configure PostgreSQL with PostGIS to create a spatial database.

Front-End Design: Understand how to create an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly front-end interface using Bootstrap and Leaflet.

Data Integration: Explore techniques for importing, transforming, and loading spatial data into your application.

RESTful API Development: Create a RESTful API service that interacts with your spatial data.

Interactive Maps: Develop interactive maps with multiple basemaps, data layers, and user interactivity.

Data Visualization: Learn to display spatial data effectively on your web GIS application.

Map Styling: Customize map styles, legends, and interactivity for a personalized user experience.

Practical Projects: Engage in hands-on exercises and projects to reinforce your learning.

Career Advancement: Acquire in-demand skills in GIS web development, opening up opportunities in industries ranging from environmental science to urban planning and beyond.


The “Building Web GIS Apps With C# ASP.NET CORE MVC And Leaflet” course empowers learners to excel in the exciting field of GIS web application development. Whether you’re a web developer, GIS professional, student, or enthusiast, this course provides the expertise needed to create interactive, data-driven web GIS applications, offering a valuable skill set in today’s technology-driven world.


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Building Web GIS Apps With C#, ASP.NET CORE MVC And Leaflet
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