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A – Z WordPress Walkthrough

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Study Mode: Online / Offline
Enrolled: 873 students
Course view: 2135
Duration: Self-Paced Learning
Lectures: 31
Course Materials: Downloadable Videos
Video: 1 Hour 50 Minutes
Course type: All Levels
Certificate of Completion: FREE
A - Z WordPress Walkthrough

Course Overview:

The “A – Z WordPress Walkthrough” course is a comprehensive and step-by-step guide that provides learners with a complete understanding of WordPress, the popular content management system (CMS). The course covers everything from the basics of purchasing a domain and hosting to advanced features such as theme customization, plugins, and SEO optimization. With a focus on practical implementation, learners will gain the necessary skills to create and manage their own professional websites using WordPress.

Who Needs This Course:

  1. Beginners: Individuals who have little to no experience with WordPress and want to learn how to build and manage websites using this CMS.
  2. Website Owners: People who already have a website but want to migrate to WordPress or enhance their existing WordPress site with advanced features.
  3. Freelancers and Designers: Freelancers, web designers, and developers who want to expand their skill set and offer WordPress services to clients.
  4. Small Business Owners: Entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to create and maintain their own professional websites without relying on external help.
  5. Bloggers and Content Creators: Individuals who want to start a blog or improve their existing blog by leveraging the power and flexibility of WordPress.
  6. Marketing Professionals: Marketers who need to understand how to use WordPress as a tool for content marketing, SEO, and lead generation.

How Learners Will Benefit:

  1. Comprehensive Knowledge: The course covers a wide range of topics, including domain and hosting setup, site redirection, cPanel, email account creation, installing WordPress, creating and editing posts and pages, managing media, working with themes and customization, using plugins, setting up menus and widgets, configuring settings, and implementing advanced features like contact forms, Gravatar, favicon, and Google Analytics. Learners will gain a deep understanding of all aspects of WordPress.
  2. Practical Skills: Through video tutorials and demonstrations, learners will acquire hands-on experience in working with WordPress. They will learn how to navigate the WordPress dashboard, create and edit posts and pages, manage media, install and customize themes, use plugins to extend functionality, configure settings for optimal performance, and implement various website enhancements.
  3. Independence and Cost Savings: By mastering WordPress, learners will be able to create and manage their own websites without relying on external developers, saving both time and money. They will have the freedom to make updates, add content, and customize their sites as needed.
  4. Professional Website Creation: Learners will gain the skills to create visually appealing and functional websites using WordPress. They will understand how to optimize their websites for user experience, search engine visibility, and mobile responsiveness.
  5. Expanded Career Opportunities: Freelancers, designers, and developers who acquire WordPress skills can offer specialized services to clients, increasing their marketability and potential income. Marketing professionals with WordPress expertise can leverage the platform to enhance their content marketing and SEO strategies.
  6. Continuous Support and Updates: The course ensures that learners stay up-to-date with the latest WordPress features, best practices, and security measures. They will have access to ongoing support and resources to further expand their knowledge.


Overall, the “A – Z WordPress Walkthrough” course is suitable for beginners and those with some prior experience who want to master WordPress and harness its full potential. By gaining comprehensive knowledge and practical skills, learners will be equipped to create, manage, and optimize professional websites, opening up new possibilities for their careers or online ventures.


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A – Z WordPress Walkthrough
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