Premium Learning with more possibilities on Coursepedia.

✓ Limitless Learning
✓ Monthly Discount that Never Expire
✓ Free Verified Certificate
✓ 50% Discount on Featured Courses
✓ Full Access to All Membership Courses
✓ Upgrade / Downgrade Membership Anytime
✓ Cancel Your Subscription Anytime

What is Premium Learning?

Coursepedia Premium Learning is for learners that desire to get the best out of their learning experience on Coursepedia. This premium learning gives you exclusive access to all courses instructed by “Coursepedia” and some selected instructors that give exclusive rights for their courses to be offered on our premium learning platform. With flexible monthy membership fee, you can get an exclusive discount on a monthly basis to learn a wide range of Certificate and Diploma courses. You are entitled to Free Verified Certificate after completion of course(s) in your membership plan.  Depending on the membership plan you subscribe for, you will get a monthly discount of up to 50% for Featured courses you order for when your monthly membership plan is active. This applies to all Membership Courses available on Coursepedia. Here is the best part. You can Upgrade or Downgrade your membership plan anytime…

Why go Monthly Premium?

Limitless Learning with more possibilities

We did not restrict you from learning, why whould you? Learn as much as you want with our Limitless learning that unlocks more possibilities on Coursepedia.

100% Free Verified Certificate(s)

We offer Free Verified Certificate(s) for both Certificate and Diploma Courses  available to you after course completion. 100% Free of charge.

50% Discount on Featured Courses

We offer Upto 50% discount and Free Verified Certificate on every Featured Course(s) you order for. They are exclusively packaged for your unending empowerment.


Upgrade / Downgrade Membership Anytime

We are fully committed to your learning. That is why we made it possible for you to either Upgrade or Downgrade your membership plan with bundled courses.

Cancel Your Subscription Anytime

Should you decide to cancel your subcription at any time, we made it very easy to do so. You can re-subscribe at anytime to continue your premium learning.

Unlock more possibilities. Get empowered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What differentiates your Membership Plans?

Each membership plan comes with access to all available courses under membership. However, the benefits you will enjoy is largely dependent on the membership plan you are subscribing for.   For example, if you opt for “Optimal“, you will have access to 4 Certificate or Diploma courses with free Verified certificate after completion of any of this courses within a month. Other membership plans have the number of courses you will have access to.

If you need any further assistance please email and our support team will be happy to help.

Would subscribing for any of the membership plans restrict me from taking other courses?

No, we do not restrict you from taking any course. You can take as many courses as possible. Our membership plans only unlock bundled benefits that you might not have access to when you take single courses without membership.

Which type of certificate will i receive after course completion?

You will receive  a Digital Certificate which will be in PDF format. The certificate comes with authorization from Coursepedia which is valid proof that you studied on our platform. With our Verified Certificate, you can showcase your achievements on Coursepedia to your employers, friends, and family members.

Do i need to pay for recieve my Verified Certificate(s)?

If you subscribe for any of our monthly plans, you will receive Free Verified Certificate for all the available courses in your plan after course completion.

How do i receive my Verified Certificate(s)?

After course completion, our Certification team will process your certificate and send same to the email address you registered with within 24 hours..

Do you offer featured courses for free?

No, we do not. All of our featured courses are fully paid for with Verified Certificate after course completion. To boost your learning experience on Coursepedia, we offer 50% discount on featured courses you subscribe for when your monthly membership plan is active. We will give you coupon code(s) to activate your 50% discount.

However, all featured courses automatically revert to 100% when your monthly subscription is not active. This means you will have to pay the full fee as required before you can access the featured courses when your membership plan is inactive.

If you need any further assistance please email and our support team will be happy to help.

What if i am not satisfied with the current membership plan i subscribe for?

You have the right to Upgrade your membership plan when the current plan you subscribed for expires.  You can also downgrade your plan when your current plan expires. Our goal is to empower you through learning, which is why we made everything flexible.

Can i cancel my membership?

Sure. You are given the liberty to cancel your membership at any time. We only charge you on a monthly basis. Your membership start counting the day you subscribe.

If your question is not answered here

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