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Nexford Online MBA At A Glance

Specialize with skills to drive your career

How will you stand out in a crowded job market? Focus your MBA on a specific field of expertise. Choose from five specializations: Sustainability, Doing Business Across the World Doing Business Across the World, Enabling E-Commerce, Advanced AI & the Future of Automation, and Managing Hyperconnectivity.


A Nexford MBA is designed for experienced professionals ready to move forward in life – perhaps you’re pivoting from one career to another or accelerating in your current trajectory. Secure your future today.


Invest in your future, not in a campus. To ensure affordable quality, we adjust your monthly tuition to match your local market.

Courses: 12-19

With 26 courses on offer, personalizing your MBA is easy. Master five to seven competencies per course and pick a pathway based on your career goals, with support at every stage.

Flexible pace

Complete an MBA in an average of 15 months. Work through the program at a flexible pace. The faster you finish, the more money you’ll save.

Specializations: 5

Want to earn your degree with a specialization? Specialize and build in-demand skills such as Data Science, Cybersecurity, AI and E-Commerce. Choose from 5 specializations.

Specializations: become knowledgeable in a concentrated area

With a Nexford MBA, you have the choice to earn your degree with a specialization. Opt to study courses that concentrate your knowledge in a particular area; walk away with the skills to thrive in your chosen career.


MBA in Sustainability

Crops, food production and water supply are under strain as human populations increase. Design a practical approach to addressing future wellness programs by recognizing cultural differences, the challenges of technology initiatives, and occupational healthcare shortages.

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MBA in Doing Business Across the World

You have a great idea: does it translate across cultures? Unpack the cultural complexities and get to grips with doing business in high-growth hotzones. This MBA focuses on Doing Business in India, Doing Business in China, Doing Business in Sub Saharan Africa.

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MBA in Enabling E-Commerce

It’s not only the Amazons of this world that have to think about bricks and clicks. B2B, B2G, and B2C across the world need a strategic handle on the future of e-commerce. This MBA focuses on Enabling E-Commerce and Digital Strategy, Policy and Regulatory Enablement of E-commerce Operations Digital Transformation.

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MBA in Advanced AI & the Future of Automation

The robots aren’t coming; they’re already here. AI and automation promises considerable economic benefits. How can you ensure each link of the value chain is marching to the same beat? This MBA focuses on Artificial Intelligence, Data Sciences for Decision Making, Robotics and Automation.

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MBA in Managing Hyperconnectivity

From cyber war rooms to hackers, cybersecurity is top of every business agenda. Discover IoT ecosystems to minimize technical and product risk using Agile and Lean frameworks. This MBA focuses on Internet of Things, Cybersecurity Leadership and Product Management with Agile and Lean.

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How specializations work

A specialization, like a college major, is a specific set of subjects on top of your core MBA. You’ll need to complete 10 core MBA courses as well as three specialization courses, that’s a total of 13 courses. Each focused series of courses includes hands-on projects and culminates in a specialization with your degree. The courses concentrate your knowledge in a particular area. Choose from one of five specializations below.

To build our programs, we analyzed 30 million jobs and surveyed industry leaders – including those from Microsoft, Citibank, and Unilever. So, whether you’re pivoting roles, accelerating in the career you already have, or launching a startup, you’ll learn how to succeed in modern, global business. When you graduate you will get a specialization certificate in addition to your diploma.

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