How to Create A New Course

Introduction #

Creating a course on Coursepedia will be simple and easy only if you follow this video guide. Our platform supports “Do it Alone” mode of course creation. This means you can create a course as an instructor, publish the course and wait for course approval. Only approved instructors can publish courses on Coursepedia. If you desire to become an instructor, kindly Apply here.

Please note that you must have a well structured course curriculum ready before making an attempt to publish a course. Let’s get started with course creation by watching this video.

Watch Video #

Important Tips #

  1. It is good to have all resources ready before you start creating a course.
  2. Have your course curriculum ready before starting
  3. Prepare your Quiz before starting
  4. Watch this video before attempting to create a course
  5. Ask our course creation team any question by sending a mail to coursecreation@coursepedia.ng

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