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Course Overview

Sales techniques encompass a range of methods used in the sales profession to exchange goods, services or other property for money. Sales techniques training is often provided to sales persons with an emphasis on how to sell a higher quantity of goods, in particular those of higher value. A sales technique or selling method is used by a salesperson or sales team to create revenue and help sell more effectively. The technique typically isn’t a one-size-fits all and is often refined through trial and error based on past experiences. At the end of this study students should be able to:

  • Understand the meaning of sales technique
  • Know the Examples of Sales Techniques
  • Understand Selling Techniques that Work and don’t work
  • Have a keen knowledge on the different Sales Approaches
  • Know the Do’s and Don’ts for Sales People Etiquette
  • understand Effective Selling Strategies
  • know the Top Sales Closing Techniques and Learn How to Seal the Deal

Course Curriculum

Module 1: What is a sales technique? Unlimited
Module 2: Examples of Sales Techniques Unlimited
Module 3: Selling Techniques that Work Unlimited
Module 4: Five Sales Techniques that Don’t Work Unlimited
First Assessment 00:50:00
Module 5: Different Sales Approaches Unlimited
Module 6: Do’s and Don’ts for Sales People Etiquette Unlimited
Module 7: Effective Selling Strategies Unlimited
Module 8: Top Sales Closing Techniques: Learn How to Seal the Deal Unlimited
Conclusion Unlimited
Final Assessment 00:50:00

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